Graco Inc.

Pumping waste water Through a filter press

Forbo Flooring, established in Coevorden, the Netherlands, produces and delivers carpeting worldwide for the project and consumer market. The company processes their waste water through a filter press installation, by means of a 1” air operated diaphragm pump. The waste water is pumped through the filter press system with a pressure of 7 bar. The pressure is necessary to achieve a good result of the filter press installation. By default, the system came with a tap-Flo air operated diaphragm pump equipped with a pressure booster to obtain the desired pressure. Over time, the pressure booster regularly got damaged and had to be replaced. As a solution, Forbo Flooring looked into replacing the pump with a similar model, however the problem of the relatively short life of the pressure booster wasn’t solved and this solution remained expensive.

To continue to run the installation, the Forbo Flooring installed the pump without the pressure booster. However, the pump couldn’t achieve the required pressure and thereby no filter cake was created in the filter press installation. Also, the pump wear parts had a shorter lifetime and due to the saturation of the filter plates, additional cleaning of the filter press installation was necessary.

 Easy switch between low & high pressure

As a solution, the local distributor, HSC Pumps, suggested to test a Graco Husky 1050HP pump.  This pump enables to switch between a low and high pressure position which provides a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio depending on the performance of the filter press installation. In most cases, the pump is set at a 2:1 ratio with a working pressure of 4.5 bar and can thereby supply the required pressure needed by the installation. After a thorough test of the Husky 1050HP in the filter press installation, Forbo Flooring noted that the filter press system worked very well and was very satisfied with the result. The pump was ordered as it turned out to be best suited for the installation, providing optimal operation and improved reliability.