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Graco introduces the new M680 Mortar pump

Graco is pleased to introduce a new sprayer for applying mortar-based, cementitious and heavily filled materials for new and existing industry segments. The Graco M680 Mortar pump, developed and manufactured by Graco, handles materials used in a variety of industry segments including water and waste water, oil and gas, marine, general construction and more.

Applications include:

  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Anti-skid coatings
  • Abrasive coatings
  • Cementitious waterproofing and fireproofing

Key features and benefits include:

  • Spray versus hawk & trowel - Quick payback for larger projects
  • Water and solvent compatible - Versatile for coatings applications
  • Air operated - Safe for hazardous environments and coating applications
  • High velocity flush - Cleans gritty materials effectively in pump and spray lines
  • Quick knock-down SST pump - Reduced down time and return to service
  • Two applicator options - Versatile for different materials and coatings