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Speed up your paint roller projects!

There’s no need to argue that airless spraying has a lot of benefits compared to using a brush or a roller: contractors save a lot of time on their paint jobs and get a nicer, more even finish.
But they might actually be looking for exactly the finish that a roller provides. Or their projects don’t justify masking preparation time required for over spray, but they still value the same speed and flexibility that airless technology provides.

Graco's new JetRoller is the perfect solution for contractors looking for a flexible lightweight tool designed to dramatically speed up their paint roller projects. It combines the efficiency of airless
spraying with the benefits of a rolled finish in a design that
virtually eliminates over spray.

Spray, roll or 'spray and backroll'...the choice is yours!

Features and benefits

Saves Time & Money

  • Combines rolling and spraying into one action

  • Eliminates dipping the roller in paint and is up to 2x faster than standard rolling

Uses industry standard roller covers

  • Continue to work with your preferred finish.
  • Adapt JetRoller length for exterior walls (short extension) or interior walls (longer extensions).

Easily Detachable Handle

  • Use the spray extension or hand roller independently

CleanShot™ Shut-Off Valve

  • Eliminates spits and drips

Minimal Preparation Time Required

  • Virtually no overspray means less area preparation, suitable for finish coats in furnished spaces.