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Pro Xp85 AA Electrostatic Spray Guns  Electrostatic Air-Assist Guns Deliver Expert Performance

Pro Xp85 kV air-assist gun maximizes transfer efficiency and lowers cost of ownership

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Pro Xp85 AA, 85 kV Air-Assist, Standard

Our improved tip line delivers a high quality finish for a variety of applications. Plus, the pre-orifice tips atomize paints for fine finish applications. Pro Xp85 Air-Assist gun line includes Standard and Smart models.

  • High quality spray performance with a one-piece aircap and a variety of tips
  • Electrostatic guns are easier to adjust with larger control knobs
  • Alternator speed indicator light ensures your turbine speed is running at the correct level
  • Smart Controls help you analyze performance, adapt to your voltage needs and make troubleshooting easier
  • Increase transfer efficiency up to 10%
  • Made in the USA
  • Internal power supply reduces operator fatigue with no heavy cords to slow you done
  • Rugged, dependable design supported by a three year warranty
  • Every gun is tested and delivered with a certificate indicating the spray pattern, mechanical performance and electrical performance meets Graco's requirements

Electrostatic Air-Assisted Spray Guns
Maximum Working Fluid Pressure
3000 psi
21 MPa, 210 bar
Maximum Working Air Pressure
100 psi
0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar
Minimum Air Pressure at Gun Inlet
45 psi
0.32 MPa, 3.2 bar
Maximum Fluid Operating Temperature
Paint Resistivity Range
3 megohm/cm to infinity
3 megohm/cm to infinity
Air Inlet Fitting
1/4 npsm(m) left-hand thread
1/4 npsm(m) left-hand thread
Fluid Inlet Fitting
1/4–18 npsm(m)
1/4–18 npsm(m)
Output Voltage
Pro Xp60 Models: 60 kV. Pro Xp85 Models: 85 kV
Pro Xp60 Models: 60 kV. Pro Xp85 Models: 85 kV
Maximum Current Draw
125 microamperes
125 microamperes
Sound Power (measured per ISO Standard 9216)
at 40 psi: 88.9 dB(A) at 100 psi: 99.7 dB(A)
at 0.28 MPa, 2.8 bar: 88.9 dB(A) at 0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar: 99.7 dB(A)
Sound Pressure (measured 1 m from gun)
at 40 psi: 86.0 dB(A) at 100 psi: 95.0 dB(A)
at 0.28 MPa, 2.8 bar: 86.0 dB(A) at 0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar: 95.0 dB(A)
Wetted Parts
PEEK, UHMWPE, FEP, PTFE, acetal, nylon, polyethylene
PEEK, UHMWPE, FEP, PTFE, acetal, nylon, polyethylene