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Renovating tank walls in sewage treatment plants

A contractor was assigned the renovation of secondary containment tanks at the sewage treatment plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland. The old concrete and its surface protection had to be renovated due to waste water deterioration. The surface to be renovated was 2000 m2 and the job was carried out in three phases.

Initially, the old concrete had to be cleaned. This was carried out with a hydro-dynamic unit under 1.000 bar. The next step consisted of re-profiling the concrete with a bonding layer of Indukret Bis 0/2 material and then filling the holes in the concrete with Indukret Bis 5/40. Once the concrete was cleaned and prepared, a mineral insulation, Indukret Kis 0/2, was applied. The job was completed by 4 people in 20 days. The first 10 days, the concrete repair and smoothing took place. The remaining 10 days were used for applying putty and insulation.

1/2 the time needed to complete the job

The putty and insulation application phase was carried out by spraying using the Graco Mortar Pump. This method shortened the job to half the time compared to manual hand-trowelling. The same number of people under the same conditions would have required a minimum of 20 days to handle the second phase of the job if it had been done manually.

The right thickness in one pass

One of the advantages of using the Mortar pump is that it enables the application of enough material to achieve the required thickness in one pass, whereas hand-trowelling would need two passes and a lot more effort to achieve the same thickness.