Explosion Proof Pressure Washer

The Hydra-Clean pneumatic high pressure washer is safe to operate in hazardous locations because there’s no risk of sparking.
Our air operated pressure washer is a quick, easy and efficient method to clean your toughest environments. This very durable Stainless Steal pressure washer is ideal for tank and rig cleaning.

  • Atex approved
  • Stainless Steel Lower – Compatible with many chemicals and
    ideal for use with open-head drums
  • Efficient cleaning with hot or cold water, detergent or
    chemical solutions up to 93°C (200°F)
  • Supports multiple guns
  • Comes standard with five different spray tips
  • Optional hose reel for easy hose storage

Technical Description

Part number 247549 247551 247553 258664
Pressure Ratio 12:1 23:1 30:1 40:1
Fluid Flow at 60 cpm 33.0 lpm (8.7 gpm) 34.7 lpm (9.2 gpm) 25.9 lpm (6.8 gpm) 17.4 lpm (4.6 gpm)
No Rotational Shaft Seal 86 bar (8.6 Mpa / 1250 psi) 157 bar (15.7 Mpa / 2275 psi) 211 bar (21.1 Mpa / 3065 psi) 276 bar (27.6 Mpa / 4000 psi)
Low Pulsation 550 cc (18.6 oz) 580 cc (19.6 cc) 430 cc (14.5 oz) 290 cc (9.8 oz)

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