Even experienced painters discover new advantages

New advantages with EasyMax

Bo Hvid, owner of painting contractor Egå Malerfirma and his six employees display a livid enthusiasm about working with the ST MaxTM 395. In the summer, Hvid bought one of the first cordless guns that came to Denmark. He hasn’t regretted including it in his existing set of Graco units. “I immediately decided to buy it. We only use Graco spraying equipment, as it is our experience that it is the only equipment that really gets the job done. This cordless gun is perfect for smaller as well as for middle sized jobs, tasks that are just too small for a 395 or where there would be too much to cover up if we would use a larger unit. I specially think about works in private dwellings, where we need to cover up furniture and other objects.”

His employees Tanja and Kim underline that the machine gives a perfect finish, leaves almost no overspray and is extremely easy to use. Tanja (37) has been working as a painter for 21 years. Three years ago, she joined the Egå Malerfirma team. “Until then, I wasn’t familiar with spraying equipment. Graco is now a part of my daily professional life. I’m using Graco paint spray equipment almost every day. Apart from getting the job done much quicker and with a better result than by painting with brush and roller, I really feel the difference in my body,” she explains. “Before I started using spraying equipment, I suffered from back and neck pains, and really felt the physical wear of my body. Nowadays I don’t even have to climb a ladder to paint a ceiling. I just use an extension.”

Kim (46) has been working for Bo Hvid for five years. Before joining Egå Malerfi rma, he was also relatively unfamiliar with paint spray equipment. Kim is especially impressed by the capabilities of the cordless gun to spray almost all kinds of materials from paint to adhesives: “In Denmark it is common to use glass tissue in kitchens and bathrooms. The machine sprays the adhesive coating material without a spit, again making a serious time saving difference.” Besides saving time, reducing physical wear and getting the good sprayedon fi nish, Bo has found another advantage from using spraying equipment. “You are much less likely to get dirt mixed into the paint when you spray it on, than if you use a brush or a roller.”

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