Mazet: “Excellent tool for Exterior Insulation Finishing”

Mazet, one of the top three painting companies in France, is a general painting contractor specialised in painting and plastering. Mazet has a firm tradition in using several sprayers, such as the EH200™, the Mark V™ and numerous UltraMax® units.

In Clermont-Ferrand, the capital of the French Auvergne region, Mazet had to insulate the outside walls of a building. The project involved a 20.000 m² surface, of which 1.500 m² was treated with Graco’s T-Max™ unit. Mazet used the Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS). The reaching of high thermal insulation values is the main reason why it is experiencing a growing popularity in France and in Germany. But also its pleasing appearance, its design flexibility, its competitive cost and excellent moisture management capability are contributing to the success.

"In this project, we used a T-Max 657 with a size 8 tip and a 36m³/h compressor," says Jean Paul Pimentel (building site supervisor). "Our decision to choose a T-Max unit for this task was motivated by its strong and stable performance, it's easy mounting and dismounting, its low cost of service and simplicity of use." The jobsite manager and the operational users gave prove of much enthusiasm about the T-Max after the work was done. Mazet already announced the purchase of a second unit, to complete additional projects!

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