Exterior Insulation Finishing using T-Max™ 657

It works great!

The general painting contractor Mazet is one of the top 3 painting companies in France and is specialised in painting and plastering. Mazet is a user of various Graco sprayers, such as the EH200, Mark V HD and numerous UltraMax units.  They shared with us below their success on a big job using a T-Max unit.

The job, completed by Mazet, was a 20.000m² surface, of which 1.500m² was treated with T-Max, situated at Clermont-Ferrand, France. It consisted of isolating the outside walls of a building by Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), a fast expanding process in France and Germany that consists of projecting a splatter finish plaster onto a mesh sheet attached to polystyrene boards fixed and glued to the façade.

Exterior Insulation Finishing is a system that offers numerous advantages, such as increased comfort, temperature regulation, energy savings, the suppression of thermal cold-bridges and an increase in real estate value. EIFS can be carried out on new or old buildings, individual or collective constructions.
For this project, Mazet used a T-Max 657 with a size 8 tip and a 36m³/h compressor. The choice to use a T-Max unit stemmed from its strong and stable performance, its dismountable concept, its easy mounting and its low cost of service and simplicity.

“It works great!” are the words used by the jobsite manager on describing the T-Max unit. “The buyer is overjoyed and the users of the unit too. So much so, that the company already foresees the purchase of a second Graco unit to complete additional projects!”


Tip for the Painter:

Instead of using the hopper, containers of 200 to 1000 litres of splatter finish plaster (available from some material manufacturers) can also be used.These containers can be connected to the T-Max and are easier and save time when spraying larger surfaces. Fittings to attach these containers to the T-Max are available on demand.

The T-Max compressor can also be used to spray decorative materials, although only with a maximum grain size of 1 mm.

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