Graco’s XP70 helps a job coater protect metal efficiently


The company Prometa is situated near Dunkerque in northern France. Their main activity is the protection of metal. They employ 17 employees and have an ACQPA OHGPI certification.

Prometa is commonly known as “a job coater”. They apply anti-corrosion paint on job sites and in their spray booth. They use a typical hot pot application. Most of the common paints used in anti-corrosion business are 2K epoxy-based, applied via a 1K airless unit with a pot life of 2 to 4 hours. The main obstacle for investing in 2K equipment is the fact that the company works by jobs: for every job there is a different anticorrosion system with different material suppliers and different mixing ratios.


A successful demonstration was carried out with a Graco XP70 applying a coat of Intergard 269 from AKZO International in an ambient application. The XP70 was installed inside the spray booth. Prometa has completely changed their production process and they now apply the same primer for most jobs. The primer is delivered in 200L drums and is compatible with the majority of the coatings that Prometa work with.


The savings generated from wasted paint, the economy of solvent, the 200L drum delivery and the labour cost saved for mixing the paint will generate a return on investment of less than one year.


Prometa P.R., 2 rue Garibaldi
F-59760 Grande-Synthe, France

Metal protection

XP70 for primer application

Material Specifications:
Akzo International Intergard 269

Typical Properties:
Epoxy primer 4/1
Pot life 4H

Graco Equipment:

XP70 4:1
200L drum feeding kit Monark 5:1

a man applying Metal protection coating with a graco paint sprayer, in a spray booth.

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