In harness at a high altitude

Painting outside walls in China

The number of Chinese families looking for affordable accommodation has grown at an exponential rate in recent years. In order to cater for the demand, the Chinese authorities made plans to have lots of new apartment buildings constructed across the nation.

However, these are subject to strict requirements, such as the authorities' insistence that outside walls should invariably be painted with protective latex paint. And obviously, this is where Graco comes into the picture, because the company has just the right machines for these kinds of operations. The only question was "How can these be used at high altitudes?”


Korea to the rescue

As the neighbouring country of Korea has a long track record of building affordable accommodation, China enlisted the aid of this nation. In Korea Graco’s Airless Sprayer is often used high up, thanks to an ingenious system of ropes to which the painters are attached with a harness so they can move from left to right, spraying large surface areas.

The spraying is also done at a furious pace: it takes three painters with a GH 833 airless sprayer hardly three days to complete a 30-storey apartment block. This represents a huge saving when you think how much time it would take with ordinary rollers, plus the paintwork is of a much higher quality. The Korean system arrives at just the right time to keep pace with the huge wave of building activity in China. 

Paint spraying on building facade with harness

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