Painting 1500m² in a day? A piece of cake with the Mark VII Max Platinum

Andrea Giovinazzo started a small paint factory, Decor Design, in San Giorgio Morgeto in the South of Italy. In addition to paint manufacturing, the company also wanted to offer extra service to their customers by doing painting jobs. Therefore, they bought a small airless unit with which they got some small painting jobs. Decor Design won a tender for a big painting job: the interior painting of a commercial building of 36.000 m². A challenge he could not carry out with his small airless unit. He had to look for another solution. This was given to him by Graco with the Mark VII Max Platinum.

Mark VII Max Platinum
Pressure: 128 bars
Blue TexSpray™ spray gun with PAA521 tip

Washable Latex Idealcolor

A building of 36.000 m²
With the help of an assistant, Andrea sprayed 6.500 litres of latex. They managed to cover 10.600 m² over a period of 7 working days, or 1.500 m² sprayed in only 8 hours. According to Andrea, when adding an extra gun to the pump, the unit is even more productive.

Mr Andrea Giovinazzo was so impressed by the Mark VII Max Platinum. He found it very diverse in its applications and suitable for large and smaller jobs. He decided to sell his small airless unit. With the new Mark VII Max sprayer, Decor Design will be able to accept even bigger jobs and further grow the business.

painting large surfaces fast

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