Reduce material usage by up to 30% with FF LP tips

Marcel van Buuren, founder of Schilderwerken van Buuren, primarily takes on renovation work and small-scale projects. He does both indoor and outdoor work.

For projects larger than 15 m2 he uses his Classic 290, while for projects of less than 15 m2 he relies on the Ultra Handheld. For spraying façades, he makes sure to pack his JetRoller.

Save paint with new FF LP tips

Marcel found out about the new FF LP tips during a presentation at Graco EMEA headquarters in Maasmechelen (Belgium). He couldn't wait to put them into practice – and his enthusiasm was justified. He immediately saved an entire 10-litre bucket of paint on the first project where he used an FF LP tip. As he also had one bucket too many on his next project, he started to make a few calculations.

He came to the conclusion that an FF LP tip can help to reduce material usage by 25% to 30%.

"I kept going with my calculations and worked out that if you have a 10-litre bucket of paint left over after completing a project, you have already earned back the price of the FF LP tip," states Marcel.

He gives a few reasons for this. The new FF LIP tip uses 50% less pressure, which leads to less overspray. This gives him more control over his spray pattern, which results in a finer, smoother finish.

Marcel van Buuren reduced paint usage by up to 30%

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