Reduction in waste of paint material

H. Young Structures are specialists in the design, detail, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork, such as portal frames, lattice girders, trusses, beams and columns for locations such as warehouses, buildings, leisure centers, car parks and schools.

The steelwork components are blasted and then painted using Graco 68:1 King pumps. The paint material is hot-potted into each pump. The pumps are based in a paint kitchen which is separate to the application area.

Resolving paint waste & high solvent issues

With this set-up, H. Young Structures was experiencing paint waste and high solvent issues. To resolve these, the local Graco distributor, Fluid Technologies Ltd, suggested the use of a Graco XP50 plural component sprayer with a ratio of 7:1, meeting their highest running products.

For the demonstration, the XP50 was configured with a suction hose for the paint and a hopper for the hardener. The unit was also fitted with a mounted Graco Merkur flush pump. The operators received a thorough explanation of how to use the machine. The demonstration was carried out using the paint gun and hose used by H. Young Structures on a daily basis.

Successful implementation of the XP50 Sprayer

The demonstration showed H. Young Structures all the improvements that could be made to their process. Operators liked both the ease of use of the XP50 sprayer, as well as the resulting finish. The use of the XP50 showed a reduction in the waste of paint material, solvent use, pump servicing, time spent cleaning pumps, and reduction in the loss of paint line.

The demonstration finished by pumping the unused virgin material back into the original containers. The paint hose was flushed to show how little solvent is required to clean mixed material in the XP50.

H. Yong Structures have now adapted their paint application process to use the Graco XP50 configured to their application requirements.

The results of painting with Graco King Pumps and XP50 sprayer

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