Rotary International uses a Graco LineLazer to carry out voluntary work

The Rotary Club Belgrade Metropolitan has made social responsibility an integral part of their business model. Their latest action took place in a school for the blind and near-blind children in Belgrade whereby, one of their members, Darko Šovran, owner of the company GFP and Graco distributor in Serbia, helped to paint curbs and stairs.

The school for blind and near-blind children “Veljko Ramdanovic“ has a very big school yard and several facilities where children play and walk from one building to another every day. In the current conditions, children couldn’t run and play without the risk of tripping over curbs.

Rotary club Belgrade Metropolitan decided that a change was needed to enable the children to have a normal childhood, as physical activities are very important for the development of children.

A Graco unit, the LineLazer was used to paint all the curbs in the playground with yellow road paint, donated by paint producer “Pitura“. The result is that the children can now see when they need to be careful while running and playing.

This action is the second one, as a similar project had already been carried out in another school for blind and near-blind children in Belgrade. Since there are only two schools in Belgrade for groups with this disability, this project will be continued in other cities in Serbia.

curbs spray painted with Graco LineLazer

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