Saving Time and Perfect Finish with Mark V and ST Max 495

Jérôme Gandolphe has his own painting company in the South of France, employing one employee and one apprentice. The company mainly focuses on new-builds and renovation projects. They regularly have special projects, such as the maintenance of a castle. 

Gandolphe has been using a Mark V and an ST Max 495 for a wide variety of jobs: painting facades, interior walls, floors and plastering walls. 

Jérôme: "I've compared Graco units with other units on the market. The ease of use combined with efficiency made it an easy choice for me. In addition, the finish is perfect and the machines are indestructible!" 

After in-depth training, he gained lots of practical tips and tricks and he was able to go it alone. That was some three years ago. 

His most recent project is a new-build house with a living area of 320m2 or 1,220m2 of walls and ceilings. In just two days, the entire house was painted with a primer, plastered and painted with a finishing coat using the Mark V. 

"My Graco machine helps me save lots of time, but also delivers a perfect finish."


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