Spraying viscous materials

Termopian is a company located in Poland that produces and sells sprayable roof coatings, sprayable paint and sprayable viscous waterproof coatings.

Polyurethane foams evolutions

The company dates back to 1988, when Termopian made their mark on the construction market. Their main service was insulation with foam which was poured into the free spaces between walls.

In 1991, Termopian entered the roofing market. In 2005, they launched the production of Izolbest paints for polyurethane foams. In 2009, Thanks to a very dynamic development of the polyurethane market in Poland, Termopian launched a professional production line of special Izolbest polyurethane protective coatings against ultraviolet radiation, followed by a new polyurethane roofing coating called Izolbest-PRO against mechanical damage. For this purpose, specific spray units with large capacity compressors were bought. With these machines, the Izolbest-PRO coating could be applied by spraying. In 2012, based on many years of experience, a new sprayable roofing insulation, TermoPiana, was launched.

Optimal configuration

So far, Termopian has sprayed about 1 000 000 m² of thermal insulation, waterproof and chemical resistant coatings. They use Graco’s Reactor H-40 to spray TermoPiany roofing, Graco’s Xtreme 70:1 sprayer to spray Izolbest paint, and Graco’s Mark V Max for spraying Hydrobest waterproof coatings.

Thanks to the high performance and the fully equipped machinery, Temopian prefers to use Graco products. "The prices and quality of the machines clearly show the most optimal configuration for Termopian’s requirements. With more than 20 years of experience using Graco machines, we can confirm that Graco units are ideal for spraying Termopian-Izolbest paints", a Termopian employee says.


Some tips that Termopian can pass on are that outside paint applications should be carried out during stable and favourable weather conditions; during drying, the coating should not be exposed to rain or water; and Termopian paint supplied in sealed packaging is ready to use and only requires mechanical mixing. It is important therefore not to dilute the paint. 

spraying viscous materials

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