Swimming pools in Antalya Lined with Graco’s Reactor H-XP2

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist cities, located in the Mediterranean. The region hosts an array of hotels, villas and attraction points. Most of these have their own swimming pools to cater for tourists and warm Turkish summers.

“The use of polyurea-based coatings to waterproof and line swimming pools has increased significantly in Turkey during the last few years” exclaimed the Turkish-based polyurea producer Duayen’s General Manager, Mr. Umit Yildirim. “These projects are always at short notice and with short deadlines.” Duayen proposes Graco’s Reactor H-XP2 to complete these types of projects.

Ergonomic design 

Ay Izolasyon successfully demonstrated the application of polyurea with Graco’s Reactor H-XP2 unique characteristics and was able to secure many jobs to waterproof swimming pools for all hotels and villas in the region.

The operators commented on the lightweight Fusion air purge spray gun, which proved to be user-friendly and convenient in the hot climate. The model they were using had a 01 mix chamber and they enjoyed the ergonomic design and low maintenance needs. The contractor company and the application engineers were satisfied with the performance of the Reactor H-XP2 on site. Thanks to the mobility of the H-XP2 design, the shortened hose generated less operator fatigue. 

Reduced application time

Graco’s Reactor H-XP2 was the only unit transported from the contractor’s base to Antalya along with 250 kg of Duayen’s MS-954. This coating is a 1:1 ratio polyurea applied at 2500 psi and 70°C application temperature. Thanks to the fast curing time of polyurea, Ay Izolasyon was able to complete the project in just three days with three employees working on site in shifts from 8 am to 8 pm. This is well ahead of the time-frame usually allocated for coating these types of projects.

swimming pool lined with polyurea-based coating
swimming pool being lined with polyurea-based coating

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