The job saved by using the Overspray Control kit

The painting and decorating company Masco Schilders Ltd had the task of painting the assembly hall of a school in Maastricht white. Initially, the job consisted of having 2 people paint 400m² of untreated brick wall white within a week. However, a week before the commencement of the work, the job description changed: not one colour, but three colours were required: white, blue and grey. As a result, a simple job became much more time-consuming: more colours, much more masking work and a base that required different coats of paint. It would be impossible for two people to do this in such a short time.

While the job was being carried out, Pascal Houben, co-owner of Masco Schilders, attended a demonstration of the Overspray Control kit at Felix van der Putten Paints. He immediately saw the solution to his problem. They would use their airless paint sprayer together with this kit.

His colleague, with more than 40 years' experience, was suspicious about using an airless paint sprayer for this job. A roller and brush should be sufficient.  Once the job was done, however, he was totally convinced. With the Overspray Control kit, they managed to have 2 people apply all 3 colours within 4.5 days, including back rolling! Without the airless unit, this would not have been possible. The advantage of this system compared to the traditional roller and brush method is that you not only work faster, but also achieve a higher coverage (even after one coat). Using only a roller and brush, the coat of paint would not have been as good.

How did they go about it?

They connected the kit to their Ultra Max II 695 Platinum.  One of them applied the paint with the airless machine and the other then rolled over it.  It only took 1.5 hours to apply the paint to the first "test wall" of 20m x 3.5m. This included the time it took to set-up the machine. They used a .519 tip, which is a little slower than the .521 tip but has a more manageable speed.

Pascal Houben: “It is important that you know how to use a paint sprayer. You must keep the gun upright and keep a distance of approximately 10cm from the surface. This ensures that any mist is kept to a minimum. Without the machine we could never have done this, certainly not with three colours. No mist and a fantastic and a superb result.”

Pascal Houben, co-owner, always wants to keep abreast of the latest developments. It is important to him to look for better and faster ways of working. Attending training courses and demo days enables him to learn about new applications and possibilities. 

 “When you use a paint sprayer, it is important that you operate and clean the equipment properly. Once you have finished the job, you must "pamper" the machine so that you can continue to the next task immediately and effortlessly”, says Pascal. 

In total, seven people are employed by the company.

Two of them are responsible for the equipment. They have followed a course at the Graco training centre in Maasmechelen, Belgium. 

The range of equipment consists of:

  • FinishPro 395 for paint work
  • EasyMax WP for retouching
  • UltraMax II 695 for latex 
airless paint sprayed walls
airless paint sprayed walls

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