Volunteers waterproof the roof of a public nursery school

On the island of Crete in Greece, in the village of Galia (near Heraklion, Phaistos), a public nursery school had a serious problem with infiltrating water from the roof of the building. The toddlers were living in very unhealthy damp rooms with moldy walls. Due to the economic crisis, the local government had no funds available to carry out the much needed repair and maintenance of the building.

Expenses covered by local companies

Supported by Graco local agents, Kalivis SA and Sika Hellas SA, Mr. Christos Stefanoudakis volunteered to apply the complete Sikalastic 841ST polyurea system on the 230 m2 nursery school roof. The polyurea applied consisted of Sikafloor 161 primer, Sikalastic 841ST pure polyurea and a Sikalastic 621 top coat. All expenses were covered by the above-mentioned companies and Mr. Stefanoudakis applied the material for free with his new Graco integrated Reactor EXP2-I with a 2:1 T2 feed pumping system installed in his minivan.

230m² completed in less than 2 days

The nursery roof application was carried out successfully and ahead of schedule. The job was completed in less than 2 days including all on-site preparation work. The integrated Reactor was a great choice for applying SIKA material and received rave reviews from the operators.

Christos Stefanoudakis was amazed by the efficiency and the simplicity of its operation. “The machine is powerful and the application was finished within a very short time with excellent results!” he declared. Many contractors, architects and civil engineers were present during the application and remained astonished by the EXP2-I performance and the polyurea result: “This is the ideal machine for an innovative application!”

The I-Reactor EXP-2 indeed proved to offer numerous features and benefits such as: good heating capacity, new advanced controls, excellent new air-compressor and spray performance in a compact and portable design, savings on diesel fuel costs and a provision of reliable project information. 

Spraying polyurea coating on a roof
Feed pumping system in minivan

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