Waterproofing a railway bridge with polyurea

In this story, we describe the transformation of a concrete bridge used for the railway that needed to be coated with more than 6.000 m² polyurea. The bridge showed some damages and general lesions due to exposure to the elements for over 50 years with, as a consequence, cracks and water seepage in certain areas.

Complete mobility

The technical solution carried out first consisted of cleaning the external surface with high pressure water. Then, a primer, Floor Fix 63 from Italchimica, was applied, followed by 4 mm of Elastorapid VK 260 polyurea. Finally, the surface was coated with an adhesion accelerator for asphalts, on top of which the final layer of asphalt was laid.

To finalize the job in a short time frame, an integrated Graco Reactor E-XP2I was used. Thanks to the unit’s mobility and capability to spray polyurea at the right pressure and temperature, the job was completed within 14 working days. The local Graco distributor, Le SAS, decided to rent this configuration as well as to provide an expert technician responsible for the operations overall. A total amount of 24.000 kg of polyurea was applied with no technical issues. Luckily, the weather conditions were good throughout the operations.

A reliable plural-component system   

The pre-treatment of the external surface of the bridge and the application of the primer before the polyurea provided the complete waterproofing of the external platform.

The client found that the Graco Reactor E-XP2I was accurate and reliable, easy to use and provided an assured ratio mix. The mobility of the unit was highly beneficial, as well as the data log provided on completion of the job. The expert advice of the on-site technician resulted in a fast and professional execution of the job, highly appreciated!

coating a concrete bridge with polyurea
The Graco equipment used to coat a concrete bridge with polyurea

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