Water & Blasting Abrasives

Graco designs and manufactures a complete line of abrasive blasters and professional pneumatic pressure washers for cleaning debris from any environment. This equipment is ideal where dust and containment are concerns.

All Surface Cleaning Products

Explore our broad lines of professional abrasive blasters and power washers. Available in a range of sizes and capabilities, you’ll find a unit that’s perfectly suited for your specific application.

A+ Customer Service

No matter your question or challenge, we always have your back with industry-leading customer service and technical support.

Save Maintenance Costs

Throughout the life of your Graco equipment you’ll save maintenance costs. Graco abrasive blasters and professional pressure washers are built to work time and time again in harsh, industrial conditions with little maintenance. We build them to last.

Proven Quality

Like all Graco professional products, we build and engineer our abrasive blasters and pressure washers from high quality components. This field-proven equipment is manufactured in the USA.

Leading Technology

Graco engineers design our water and blasting abrasives equipment with innovative technologies that increase performance, flexibility and product-life.