Solutions for efficient ingredient unloading

Transfer food, ingredients to fillers and mix kettles utilizing the unrivaled Graco SaniForce Unloader systems. Reduce manufacturing costs by improving material evacuation rate, time, and efficiency. Without contaminating, diluting or heating ingredients, the SaniForce Unloader systems achieve up to 99% evacuation rates of high viscosity ingredients such as tomato paste, chocolate, and fruit paste.

Maximum Unloading. Transfer Efficiency

  • Up to 99% evacuation rate
  • Inflatable seal for optimal performance
  • Flange connections for easy cleaning
  • Fits most bins, drums and containers
  • Available with piston pump and air operated double diaphragm pump options
  • Available in CE1935.2004 – check manual for configuration (signs toevoegen)

The drum unloader is fast and easy to operate. Once the drum is placed below the drum unloader, the ram plate and pump are lowered into the drum, just above the product. Then, the seal is inflated to hermetically seal the drum. When the pumping starts, the product is moved out of the drum and the plate with inflatable seal travels down, scraping the product from the sides of the drum. After the drum is emptied, the plate and pump can get lifted out by simply switching a button.

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A solution for every application

The type of unloading system that is most suitable for your application depends on ingredient, viscosity, transfer distances and container type.


SaniForce Pail Unloader

  • Unloads viscous ingredients up to 100.000cps
  • For 20 to 25 litre pails
  • Small, lightweight unit and easy to move around
  • Flow rates up to 15lpm (4gpm)
  • Evacuation rate up to 99%


SaniForce Drum Unloader

  • Unloads viscous ingredients up to 1.000.000cps
  • For straight and tapered drums
  • Flow rates up to 568lpm (150 gpm)
  • Inflatable seal
  • Evacuation rate up to 99%


SaniForce BIN Unloader

  • Unloads viscous ingredients up to 1.000.000cps
  • Flow rates up to 1135lpm (300gpm)
  • Inflatable seal
  • Evacuation rate up to 99%


SaniForce Elevator

  • Unloads low to medium viscous ingredients up to 150.000cps
  • Mobile or floor mounted
  • Flow rates up to 53lpm (14gpm)
  • Easy to unload 4 drums on a pallet


Advantages of the SaniForce Drum Unloader

  • Up to 99% evacuation rate which voids the need (completely or almost completely) for an operator to scrape the wall and dump leftover material into the feeder. This reduces operator time.
  • No more labor intensive work for the operator as the operator doesn’t has to use force in order to get all product out of the container. The operator doesn’t even have to be with the product when it’s working.
  • Overall improved ergonomic work environment. Operators don’t have to use stairs or overstretch to get the product out of the container.
  • Improved usability thanks to the automated control system. By adding a PLC interface, the unloading process can be operated remotely and it allows operators to multi-task easier with a more consisten operation from shift to shift.
  • No need to dump big amounts of materials (200/400 kg) into hopper devices which can result in damaged machinery.
  • Clean and easy operation as product will be guided all the way.


Other technologies the Unloading Systems could replace

The drum and bin unloading systems can replace Lift-and-Dump systems. Lift-and-Dump systems are used to transfer big amounts of materials stored in containers. During the lift-and-dump process containers are lifted to variable heights through open air, than the container is tilted so the product can fall out, which brings several risks for workers and their surroundings.  After every dump you still have to scrape the walls of the container manually which is work and time intensive.

Also there is a bigger chance of injuries on the work floor as operators often have to hang over stairs to reach the remaining product in the container. Likewise overstretching is one of the main injuries when working with a lift and dump system. Another risk is the big amount of product falling from a height which can impact or even damage the hopper system.


Articles & references

Céréco improves the unloading of its fillings

Thanks to the success of their co-extruded organic breakfast cereals, the annual volume of fillings used (principally chocolate) has increased eightfold between 2010 and 2018. The fillings were delivered in 10 to 25 kg buckets then manually emptied into a buffer hopper next to the extruder. The operators could no longer keep up with the higher production rates. That’s why they started to look for an ergonomic and ecologic alternative…

Unloading apple paste in the most efficient and cost-effective way

A worldwide manufacturer of baby food products, located in central Mexico, needed to find a more efficient and cost-effective way to quickly unload drums of highly viscous apple paste. See why they chose the Graco Saniforce Drum Unloader to do the job.

Efficient transfers of tomato paste and dices tomatoes

Kyknos, a Greek family owned company wanted to reduce the drum unloading time (243 kg in 40 minutes) and increase the efficiency of this operation in a more hygienic way. The tomato paste is delivered in 200 liter barrels and it must be unloaded at ambient temperature. Discover how they could reduce the unloading time to less than 4 minutes.

Unloading high viscosity food ingredients safely and effectively 

Imagine scooping and scrapping a 55 gallon drum of tomato paste by hand. Imagine you do this 5, 10, even 20 times per day. Surprisingly, this is many food producers’ method of choice for unload ingredients from containers.

Sanitary drum unloading systems can be lifesavers

Manual methods of drum unloading can be tedious, time-consuming, conducive to spreading bacteria and downright dangerous to employees. Automating drum unloading makes the process a lot safer. Read on to find out how.

Why invest in a Sanitary Drum Unloading System?

Drum unloading systems can help ease the transfer of highly viscous media. Drum unloaders are an ideal solution for highly viscous, difficult-to-transfer materials. They can move tomato pastes, peanut butter, personal care products and cosmetics.