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Release of the E-Flo DC Basic (Dual Control)

4-Ball Electric Pumps for Medium-Sized Circulation Applications

Graco is pleased to announce the release of the Basic Version of the E-Flo™ DC Basic (Dual Control) electric circulation pumps. The new E-Flo DC features an energy efficient electric motor that has been proven to be more than five times more efficient than similar sized pneumatic circulation pumps and operates like a pneumatic pump.

Some major features of the E-Flo DC:

  • Increased performance with Unique State of the Art DC Technology, allows the pump to operate like a pneumatic pump and stall under pressure.
  • Dual Control (DC) Modes: Pump can maintain either a constant pressure or a constant flow rate
  • Local Control: Easy control of the pump with two operator friendly knobs
  • Easy Installation with “Plug & Play” concept
    o Requiring only single-phase 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz power.
    o No VFD’s required.
  • Low noise with quiet Electric Motor up to 25 percent quieter than similar sized pneumatic motors
  • Integrated Runaway Protection: Prevents material loss and premature wear to the pump.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: 750cc, 1000cc, 1500cc, and 2000cc displacement lowers
  • ATEX Certification: II 2 G Ex db IIA T6 Ta

The Advanced Version of the E-Flo® DC will be saleable in July 2013. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement.

To learn more about the new E-Flo DC Basic go to the:

  • E-Flo DC brochure: 345005
  • E-Flo DC manuals: 3A2526 and 3A2096
  • Pricing available on CIS/SIS

For additional information, contact your Graco Finishing Business Development Specialist. 
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