Graco Inc.

GX, the essential Painting tool for professionals

A new milestone development in Airless Paint equipment

After three years of intensive market research, a new generation of Airless paint sprayers will rock professional painters’ world! Graco is very proud to introduce the GX 21 and GX FF units, based upon a new design ProX Power-Piston Pump platform.

Graco’s GX line makes it possible for all professionals to experience the benefits of Airless spraying. Airless painters already know they can finish more jobs quicker with a better finish, but the GX line allows transferring these benefits into even more jobs – not only big exterior jobs, but small interior renovation jobs as well.

ProXChange Pump Replacement System

For the Professional Painter it is crucial to get his job finished on time. With the ProXChange system it is possible to avoid downtime by keeping a spare replacement pump to hand. Moreover, the Professional Painter can exchange a leaking job at the jobsite by himself.

The tools needed to exchange the repack kit are built into the frame. In order to optimize continuity of working, the packings are self-lubricating and the repack kit has a push prime to unlock a sticky inlet ball in case of occasional cavitation.

Pump replacement process

Pro Features for Pro Decorative Painters

The GX range exists of 2 models:

GX 21 (21 tip support, 1,8 L, 15 M hose) direct immersed to suck paint directly out of wall paint buckets, optimized to paint walls and ceilings.

GX FF (19 tip, 1,5 liter, 7,5 M hose) equipped with a hopper to spray fine finish jobs and small color changes. The reduced ‘wet section’ already allows spraying 1 liter of paint.

Easy to set up, use and clean

Both units are fully solvent resistant and incorporate features that are validated by the market throughout the last twenty years:

  • Pro performance at the gun
  • Complete and ready to spray with gun, tip, filter and hose
  • Oil filled pressure gauge
  • Rigid, chromate steel frames and Graco blue painted shroud
  • Blue V-max packing, self-lubricating packing stack
  • Rigid prime valve
  • Steel pump housing, rod and balls

In combination with the Jetroller, the GX sprayer offers a higher efficiency, a better finish and more working comfort.