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G-FORCE II: The New Gas Pressure Washer Range by Graco

Graco is proud to announce its new range of Gas Pressure Washers. Range diversity through our Light Duty, Contractor Duty and Heavy Duty series. For occasional up to frequent and long lasting jobs, our G-Force II pressure washers will provide your needs.

  • Powered by High performing Honda® GX engines for the toughest professional cleaning jobs: surface preparation, chemical treatment, horizontal cleaning, etc…
  • Driven by industrial grade water pumps and matching accessories
  • Supported by a revolutionary aircraft grade aluminum frame with dual handles delivering a lightweight and efficient design for easy transport on and off your jobsite

G-Force II is available in both Direct Driven and Belt Driven units, matching the cleaning frequency and needs you need.

Direct Driven Light and Contractor Duty range

Our compact direct driven pressure washers offer enough power and performance to tackle most cleaning and preparation jobs. Our Direct Drive range models are equipped with features that suit your occasional light duty or average contractor duty applications.

Belt Driven Heavy Duty range

The belt drive pressure washers are Graco’s top-of-the-line cold water units, designed to tackle the toughest heavy duty applications while reducing vibration and extending the life of your unit by lowering the rpm of the pump. Heavy duty engines and pumps combined with high pressure and flow provide the ideal solutions for heavy-duty applications.

Each unit is delivered with a 90cm gun, 7,5 or 15 meter hose, pressure gauge, chemical cleaning kit and several spraying tips to suit your job. Need more cleaning ability? Upgrade your G-Force II to expand your cleaning needs with our range of accessories, going from hose reels and extensions to nozzles, sand blasting kits and a horizontal surface cleaner.

The cleaning needs of your job, translated into Graco’s G-Force II pressure washers.

Light Duty

Contractor Duty

Heavy Duty

G-Force II 2532DD

G-Force II 3027DD

G-Force II 3032DD

G-Force II 4040DD

G-Force II 4040BDC

G-Force II 4040BD

G-Force II 4040BDC