Graco Inc.

New ExactaBlend™ AGP U100 for Polyurethanes

Graco is pleased to announce the launch of the new ExactaBlend™ AGP U100 Advanced Glazing Proportioner for Polyurethanes.

The launch of the AGP U100 is the second system in the ExactaBlend family to be released by Graco. These systems are designed for manufacturers of insulating glass and specialty glass, where precise, on-ratio mixing is required. The AGP U100 is engineered to handle two-part polyurethane sealants and adhesives and help your customers improve mixing and dispensing quality.

The Graco ExactaBlend AGP U100 offers:

  •  Accurate, on-ratio mixing. The system monitors the flow rate of base material and automatically adjusts the catalyst flow rate to achieve on-ratio dispensing, even during pump changeover.
  • Creates optimal mix for quality assurance.With the AGP U100, each ounce that is dispensed is properly mixed; a better mix results in material that cures evenly, with no soft spots.
  • Offers easy operation. Compared to traditional proportioners with mechanical linkage and rocker arms, the AGP U100 electronic controls take the guesswork out of setting the ratio, and makes ratio changes simple.
  • Green light for ratio assurance. A quick glance at the system’s now standard green light tells the operator that materials are being dispensed on-ratio. If off-ratio conditions exist, the system will automatically shut down.
  • Reduces wasted material. AGP U100 base purge is simple and reduces material waste. The base purge is fast, clean and easy with the simple touch of a button.

Graco is also pleased to announce the launch of two accessories for use with the ExactaBlend AGP systems:

1) The USB module for data logging lets you verify that the material was dispensed properly. Its reports provide you with date and time, plus A & B material usage, alarm events, flow rates and ratio.

2) The Heat Box is used to warm and pre-condition materials so they flow better.