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Graco introduces the SaniForce 2:1 piston pump

SaniForce 2:1

Graco introduces the SaniForce 2:1 piston pump, the newest model in the SaniForce line of FDA-compliant sanitary transfer pumps for product evacuation out of drums and bins.

With its lightweight, durable construction, the SaniForce 2:1 is portable, weighing 10.8 kg for the standard drum length and 11.7 kg for the extended length. It fits through a standard bung hole and can be easily mounted utilizing the included FDA-compliant bung adaptor. The pump is capable of transferring low to medium viscosity materials (up to 50,000 cps) from drums and bins, including personal care products such as lotions and creams, and food products including syrups, oils and sauces. The SaniForce 2:1 can reach a fluid pressure of 17 bar with continuous duty flow rates from 5.7 lpm at 60 cpm, up to 9.5 lpm at 100 cpm.

Graco’s complete SaniForce line of products include diaphragm pumps, piston transfer pumps, drum unloaders and bin evacuation systems that are capable of moving a broad range of viscosities—from items such as juice (or materials less than 5,000 cps) to peanut butter (or materials up to one million cps). All SaniForce models are FDA-compliant.