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New ChemSafe AODD transfer pumps

We are proud to release, as of today, a new addition to the Graco AODD transfer pumps product line: the Graco ChemSafe.

The ChemSafe product line is designed for the transfer of very corrosive and abrasive fluids and is compatible with 99% of transferred chemicals.

Till today, you could sell the “standard” Husky pumps for the transfer of corrosive/abrasive fluids and you can continue to do so. However, please note that ChemSafe pumps are designed to tackle the more harsh applications.

Both PTFE and UHMWPE pumps can be used for the transfer of corrosive products, only for the transfer of abrasive products PTFE is not advised.

You can find here some key features of our ChemSafe line:

  • Available in ¼” till 1.5” sizes (up to 376 l/min)

  • No exposed metal parts

  • CNC machined fit design to avoid leakages

  • T-bolt design for superior sealing

  • Removable air motor for easy service

  • Fluid paths are fully PTFE or UHMWPE

  • Anti-stalling air valve 

  • Low icing muffler

These features, combined with the quality and reliability of our high class manufacturing standards, make ChemSafe pumps an excellent choice for transferring corrosive and abrasive products.

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