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Now available: new complete series progressive solution

Discover the Compact Series Progressive valves with metric hoses & fittings and G3 SP pump

Let's end the year with a great novelty. Designing a Series Progressive lubrication system has never been so easy.

The Compact Series Progressive (CSP) valves are able to operate at pressures up to 350 bar and stand up to harsh environments thanks to their heavy-duty finish.

They are available in a variety of configurations from 6 to 22 outlets and with or without indicators. Moreover, a comprehensive range of hoses and fittings, including the G-Lock metal stud push-to-connect fittings, is now available.

Combine the CSP valve with a G-series pump for a complete system solution. The new G3 Series Progressive (SP) pump combines a robust design with simple programming and valuable system feedback. It is developed with one M12 input to work with a proximity switch and can be programmed in six seconds or less.