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Less noise, longer life and spraying in any direction with the new HVLP TurboForce II

Up to 4 times more productivity

The new HVLP TurboForceTM II is designed with simple, easy-to-use controls that increase productivity and extend the life of sprayer components. It gets the job done in 25% of the time: the new exclusive air cap design increases the fluid flow in every needle by four times.

The unique FlexLinerTM Bag System allows you to spray at any angle, even up-side down. It delivers superior fine finish results, while reducing clean up time.

SmartStart™ technology automatically starts and stops the turbine, reducing the heat generated, decreasing noise, and extending turbine life.

Get the most out of the HVLP by combining it with the radiator extension kit to paint hard-to-reach spots or with an extra cup for quick colour exchange. The latter is also useful for storing leftover material.

The HVLP TurboForce comes in four models: HVLP Standard 9.0, HVLP ProContractor 7.0, HVLP ProContractor 9.5 and HVLP ProComp 9.5.