Graco Inc.

Accurate, reliable lubrication for every lube point with the new LubePro oil and grease pump

Optimal lubrication thanks to fast and reliable pumping technology

The LubePro™ series of automatic lubrication pumps now has the A4000 Reciprocating LubePro oil and grease pump in its range. This large capacity, single-line parallel pump has the ability to fire hundreds of injectors at once by using Graco’s field-proven Merkur® Air Motor.

Its unique pump design allows for reduced venting times compared to the competition. To meet the specific lubrication needs of your customers, the LubePro A4000 is available in single-line parallel and series progressive configuration.

LubePro series pumps offer a robust solution where high output and fast lubrication cycles are needed to optimally lubricate equipment while it’s working, providing plant managers with the tools to keep up with production demands and reduce operating costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast cycle rate and flow with an output of 50 cubic inches per minute
  • Optional Low Level Detection available, factory installed
  • Integrated vent automatically and reliably relieves pressure
  • Simple controlling actuates 3-way air valve to relieve pressure as lube cycle completes
  • Easy to install on existing airlines thanks to the pneumatic design