Graco Inc.

Improve your efficiency with the new SaniForce Eurobin Unloader

Swift, hygienic and minimum waste

The SaniForce Drum Unloader product line now has an unloader for Eurobin containers (norm DIN 9797) in its range.

With the Eurobin unloading system you can save time and money in your facility by unloading materials efficiently from Eurobin containers – eliminating manual scooping or bin dumping.

The Eurobin unloader has a clean and easy operation and offers an overall improved ergonomic work environment. You don’t have to use stairs or overstretch to get the product out of the Eurobin. No need to dump big amounts of materials (200/400 kg) info hopper devices which can result in damaged machinery. 

Benefits of the Eurobin Unloader

  • Up to 99% evacuation rate
  • Inflatable seal for optimal performance
  • Flange connections for easy cleaning
  • Fits most Eurobin containers
  • Available with Piston pump and Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump