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Now available: RAC X low pressure SwitchTips

Handling the widest range of jobs from Fine Finish to High Production applications

Building on the overwhelming success of the 2017 Fine Finish Low Pressure (FF LP) tip and its significant low pressure benefits, Graco is expanding this offering with new tips for large surface and high-production applications: RAC X™ LP SwitchTips™.

The Low Pressure (RAC X LP) tips spray large projects at up to 50% lower pressure than standard tips, doubling the life of the tips and allowing for less overspray, reduced prep and clean-up time, and easier pattern overlap.


How can you benefit from these new tips?

Better finish: the paint atomises easier without creating stripes on the side of the tip fan. You have better control of the layer thickness and it is easier to eliminate ‘runners’.

Less overspray: the softer and more controllable spray fan ensures less overspray. This prevents you from using too much paint.

Higher reliability: the RAC X™ FF LP Tips allow you to spray on all materials. In addition, these tips perform a lot better at cold temperatures

Longer lifespan: Less pressure also means less tension on the sprayer. Your pump and tip don’t get worn out so fast, and therefore you can use them longer.


RAC X LP tips with SmartTip Technology are now available in 46 sizes for small, medium, large surface and high-production applications – and can be used with lacquer, varnish, stain, enamel, oil base paints, and latex primers and paints.