Graco Inc.

RS™ Chop Gun Changes

This notice is to inform you of several changes made to the RS Chop Gun and RS Cutter Assembly. Effective immediately, all RS Chop Guns will have a revised air hose and muffler design to minimize air restrictions to the chopper air motor. This change maximizes glass output and consistency.

Also effective immediately, all RS Chop Gun Cutters will now have an innovative two-piece cutter head design which allows operators to easily change out individual blades. Blade change out times are comparable to the existing cartridge design for experienced users, and still much easier and quicker than competitive designs. This new two-piece cutter head design allows for lower blade replacement costs without giving up ease of use.

Please note that the 4,6,8 blade cartridges are still available for all existing RS Chop Guns. Also, for all new chop gun orders, if your customers would prefer to use blade cartridges, just order the Cutter Head Kit, PN 24H271, and the blade cartridges in addition to your RS Chop Gun or RS Chop System order.

For a review of the RS Chop Gun changes and part numbers, please download the new RS Cutter Assembly manual.