Get more out of your sprayer with the Accessory of the Month

Are you looking for a very durable, top performing and high reliable gun? Then we have what you are looking for: Our variety of airless spray guns can be used for different applications and are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the contractors


FTx™ gun

HVLP Edge II Gun

  • 4X More Productivity:  New exclusive air cap design quadruples the fluid flow in every needle
  • Quick Release Needles: Change out needles from the front of the gun with just a click — no tools needed
  • 75% lighter trigger pull than the competition with EasyGlide trigger
  • FlexLiner Bag System: Spray in any direction, even upside down
  • HVLP Edge II Gun - Single User Control: Combines material and air flow into one simple control
  • HVLP Edge II Plus Gun - Ultimate control with independent user controls for material volume, air flow, and spray fan size


FTx™ gun

  • The perfect solution for residential application and light commercial jobs
  • Maximum control and comfort while spraying
  • Lightest gun in the whole Graco product range
  • Ergonomic gun handle that reduces operators’ fatigue


FTx™ gun

Contractor™ gun

Contractor PC™ gun

  • One of the lightest, most comfortable guns ever built
  • Spray all-day with less fatigue
  • E-Z Fit Trigger Adjustment for a Personal Fit
  • Reduce Gun Downtime with ProConnect

Blue TexSpray™ gun

  • For airless plaster, mastic and protective coatings
  • Large fluid passage and robust spring for larger jobs and volumes
  • Stainless steel fluid tube
  • Optimized trigger and lightweight design allows effortless, all-day spraying


Blue TexSpray™ gun

CleanShot™ valve

CleanShot™ valve

A potential problem when using an extension is paint spitting or dripping from the spray tip.

By placing a CleanShot™ valve at the end of the extension piece, you can easily solve that problem.

  • Eliminates spits and drips from the tip
  • Can be rotated 360° to guarantee a vertical spray
  • Can be attached to any Graco tip extension



"The FTx Gun is lightweight, versatile, conformable and unbreakable. It requires a minimal service.
This is definitely my favorite airless gun on the market. ”


How to achieve optimal spraying results?

In order to obtain a nice, evenly painted surface, the paint must be sprayed consistently. There are a couple of simple techniques for this:

1. Set the correct pressure




Always start at the lowest pressure and increase it slowly until a uniform coat appears. Do you still have a streaky effect? Add a little pressure.


2. Keep 30 cm distance




Point the gun at right angles from the surface, about 30cm away. When you use an extremely large spray tip, the distance may be greater.


3. Apply the ‘triggering technique’



Start your painting stroke before triggering the spray gun and release it before ending the final stroke to avoid blotches of thick coating on the ends.


4. Apply the ‘overlap technique’



Always point the tip of your spray gun to the edge of the previous stroke. If each stroke overlaps the previous one by 50%, you will obtain an even effect.


5. Go for the perfect thickness




Is your coat of paint too thick? Move the gun faster, using a smaller tip and a wider range, and keeping 30 cm away. Is it too thin? Do the reverse.


6. Focus on the corners




Instead of moving your gun back and forth across the corner, aim your gun into the corner and spray along it. It’s easier that way.



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