QuikPak - Cartridge Repair System

Reduce downtime with QuikPak's modular pre-oiled cartridge packings that install in minutes




Look at the table below to discover for which units the QuikPak kits are available.

Repack Your Worn Packings in Minutes


1. Insert pre-oiled packing cartridge assembly


2. Remove disposable clip


3. Assemble pump

Ordering information


Replacement Pump

Original Repair Kit

QuikPak Kit

Ultra Max II 695, 795 Standard Series / GMAX II 3900 Standard Series 16Y59824821217H838
Ultra Max II 1095, 1595 Standard Series / GMAX II 5900 Convertible and Standard Series 16Y70624821317H839
Ultra Max II 695, 795 ProContractor™ Series / GMAX II 3900 ProContractor Series 17H82324821217H841
Ultra Max II 1095, 1595 ProContractor Series / GMAX II 5900 ProContractor Series 17H824248213 / 17K16217H842
Ultra Max II 1095, 1595 IronMan Series / GMAX II 5900 IronMan Series 17H826248213 / 17K21617H843
GMAX II 3900 Lo-Boy 16X41424821217H838
GMAX II 5900 Lo-Boy 16X41924821317H839
GMAX II 7900 Standard Series 16X42324912317H840
GMAX II 7900 Lo-Boy and ProContractor Series 17H82524912317H840
GMAX II 7900 IronMan Series 17H82724912317H844
TexSpray Mark IV Standard Series 17H82824V06317H845
TexSpray Mark IV ProContractor Series 17H83224V06317H849
TexSpray Mark V® Standard Series / TexSpray 5900 HD Standard Series 17H82924918917H846
TexSpray Mark V ProContractor Series / TexSpray 5900 HD ProContractor Series 17H833249189 / 16X43017H850
TexSpray Mark V IronMan Series 17H83624918917H850
TexSpray Mark VII Standard Series 17H83024M83017H847
TexSpray Mark VII ProContractor Series 17H83424M83017H851
TexSpray Mark VII IronMan Series 17H892QuikPak Only17H851
TexSpray Mark X™ Standard Series 17H83116X431 / 17A57817H848
TexSpray Mark X ProContractor Series / TexSpray 7900 HD ProContractor Series 17H83516X431 / 17A57817H852
TexSpray 7900 HD Standard Series 25E68916X431 / 17A57817H852
TexSpray 7900 HD IronMan Series / TexSpray Mark X IronMan Series 17H83716X431 / 17A57817H852

Find your suitable QuikPak kit

For all sprayers as of 2010


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