Graco Inc.

Hot Melt Equipment  For Sealants and Adhesives

Graco hot melt glue equipment provides solutions for a variety of hot melt applications and challenges.

Bulk Adhesive
Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), fugitives or Polyurethane Reactive (PURs) are usually purchased in bulk form for cost savings and improved profitability. Graco bulk hot melt glue systems provide industry-proven efficiency and production capability for 55-gallon (200 liter) drums or 5-gallon (20 liter) pails. Graco hot melt adhesive applicators include manual or automatic options and our control systems deliver superior metering and control for low or high flow rates on most systems.

Hot Melt Granulars
For applications requiring granular or pelletized hot melt adhesives, Graco offers a complete line of solutions that process adhesive in a better way to increase productivity. The InvisiPac® Tank-Free hot melt glue system virtually eliminates adhesive char with an industry-leading 10 minute start-up. Graco hot melt applicators provide exceptional durability and stop nozzle plugs with innovative free-flow manifolds and integrated applicator filtering. Graco hot melt accessories will help increase efficiency:

  • Keep adhesive pellets moving with our new feed system
  • Deliver consistent dispense patterns with our pattern controller
  • Monitor system and adhesive performance anywhere with LineSite®.