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Battery-powered Drywall loading pumps  PowerFill

Make your professional drywall finishing job a lot easier using the robust battery-powered loading pump to fill all taping and finishing tools.

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Never hand pump again with powerfill 3.5

Discover the industry’s first cordless, battery-powered loading pump. It is designed to fill all manual or automatic taping and finishing tools easily. While the pump fills your tools automatically, you can focus on finishing while getting less fatigued. This will enable you to get more finishing done at the same time. The next step is upscaling your business to more and larger jobs!



Save time & work easier

Spend more time finishing. PowerFill enables you to focus on drywall finishing while it fills your tools with compound consistently throughout the day, every day. Making your work easier, PowerFill allows you to save your energy and concentrate on delivering the best finishing.



Reduce fatigue & injuries

It’s all about ergonomics. Stand up and take a break while powerfill does the pumping. Use the high-rise tube to fill your tools without bending. Suitable for right- and left-handed operators. No more daily fatigue or strained muscles, preventing long-term injuries.



Raise your profits

The easy-to-program pump enables a consistent compound flow and precise filling of all your atf (automatic taping and finishing) tools. Reduce labour hours spent. Raise your profits and grow your business doing more and bigger jobs!

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Designed to fill all automatic taping and finishing tools. PowerFill totally eliminates the need to manually pump. Now you can quickly fill with just the push of a button.

Ergnonomic Hi-Rise fill tube

  • This allows you to stand upright while filling tools, protecting your back while eliminating fatigue
  • The tube rotates to position the outlet where you want, including above the bucket to save space and to contain any drips
  • It includes filler attachments for angled and flat boxes

Easy to operate and precise filling

  • One button pumping totally eliminates fatigue and injury
  • The SmartControl Pro has Precision-Fill technology for automatic refill of tools to your preset level
  • The brushless DC motor with ProControl flow adjustment lets you work at any speed with total control of the output material
  • Choose hands-free Continuous Run mode for bulk material transfer or self-cleaning

Durable Powerstroke pump

  • Pumps up to 13 lpm (3.5 gpm) at a consistent speed every day
  • A tool-less pump cylinder, inlet and filter removal for quick access and cleaning
  • The Powerstroke™ pump is made of anodised aluminium and stainless steel and is virtually maintenance-free

Portable with a removable powerhead

  • Within seconds and without tools, you can remove the powerhead from the pump for storage or easy cleaning thanks to the ProConnect fitting
  • PowerFill™ is suitable for right or left-handed operation

Battery-powered by DeWalt

  • It comes with a lightweight 18V MAX lithium-ion DEWALT battery with an only 35 minutes charge time
  • It pumps up to 200 litres (55 gallons) per charge for all-day use

Adjustable stabiliser leg

  • No tools are needed to adjust it to fit most buckets and containers
  • An oversized foot bracket and stabiliser arm keep the pump in place on the bucket
  • It converts to a right or left-sided pump outlet in minutes