Graco Inc.

HydroShield Spray Packages  Electrostatic Waterborne Solutions

Reliable components and system control make HydroShield an operator friendly solution. Improve transfer efficiency and safety, while easily spraying waterborne material with Pro Xp WB manual electrostatic air spray and air-assist guns.

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Refill without shutting system down

Higher productivity is achieved by not needing to shut down the system to refill. The internal isolation pump automatically refills when the gun trigger is released

Unique operator control

The controller interface allows the operator to set system parameters and spray settings for precise process control.

Market proven components

Comprised of Pro Xp WB guns, isolation pump, controller interface and other parts used in the marketplace for years, HydroShield brings together Graco durability into one system.

Built-in safety

In addition to safety grounding components to protect the operator, the automatic refill feature reduces the need to open the isolation cabinet. Reduced operator interaction means a safer workplace.

System configuration flexibility

HydroShield is available in a variety of configurations.

  • Low pressure systems spray with Pro Xp WB air spray guns.
  • High pressure systems include a Merkur pump for air assisted airless spraying.
  • Options for gun hoses and gun flush box ready systems are also available.

The HydroShield Batch Waterborne System makes it easy to safely use electrostatics to spray waterborne material.

  • Refill paint supply without having to open the isolation cabinet
  • Use one controller with simple screens to set and adjust system parameters
  • Minimize downtime with durable components that are easily accessed and maintained