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SaniForce Centrifugal Drum Pump  FDA electric drum pump to move food and beverage products up to 1,000 cps with a max. flow of 35 gpm (132 lpm)

Reduce maintenance and sanitization time at your facility with the SaniForce Drum Pump, designed for easy cleaning with quick tri-clamp connections, no moving parts and easy transferability.

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• Easy Cleaning and Product Changeover - With this simple knock down design, cleaning between drums or product changeovers has never been easier!

• Operational Flexibility Throughout Your Facility - With the electric pump operation, you simply plug it in to be ready for transfer in minutes!

• Easy Mobility - the light weight design allows all operators to move pumps between drums to increase facility output.

3A4586A, SaniForce Sanitary Drum Pumps, Instructions/Parts, English

• Powered by variable speed electric motor

• Certified to ATEX & FDA standards

• Simple design to facilitate easy cleaning and reduce maintenance and downtime

• Flow rates up to 35 GPM (132 LPM) with a smooth output of material

• Easily transferable from container to container and adaptable to drums, totes and kettles