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Surface Preparation  Coatings removal and steel surface prep

Use EcoQuip to prepare steel surfaces to be free of grease, dirt, dust, mill scale, rust and paint.

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EcoQuip is able to prep the surface and remove coatings that meet NACE and SSPC standards for the degree of cleanliness blasted steel. This includes commercial blast, NACE 3 and SSPC-SP6; near white metal blast, near white metal blast, NACE 2 and SSPC-SP10; and white metal blast, NACE 1 and SSPC-SP5. 

With ultra-low dispersal characteristics, EcoQuip systems eliminate 92 percent of airborne particles and can be used almost anywhere, including enclosed spaces, or in locations that need less containment than if you were sandblasting. Because EcoQuip emits less dust than traditional dry blasting and uses less water than wet or slurrly abrasive blasting technologies, contractors can save time and money on clean-up and containment. 

EcoQuip Applications

  • Removing industrial coatings for inspections
  • Preparing surfaces for coating
  • Cleaning storage tanks
  • Removing rust and mill scale
  • Removing roadway markings
  • Building and site maintenance
  • Offshore corossion control
  • Exposing welds