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Restoration  Restoration and cleaning projects

Remove corrosion, grime, coatings and surface dirt

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Problems with traditional methods

Traditional industrial blast methods require containment screening, dust collectors, truck loads of abrasive, and breathing apparatus. Ultra high pressure uses a lot of water which can cause run off. Other methods also leave no profile which is needed for paint adhesion and can cause warping, impingement, pitting, as well as discoloration and damage on metal surfaces. Usually typical blast systems cannot be used in open air areas around other workers or in enclosed areas.


EcoQuip can clean old or new brick, block, and/or stone without opening up or causing damage to the face causing
negative efflorescence, and zero discoloration or mottling. EcoQuip can also restore wood structures without damaging
the wood or raising the grains.

EcoQuip removes coatings, rust, clean and polish old wrought iron, surface metals, statues, graves and head stones
without causing damage or effecting the integrity of the surface. 
EcoQuip has the ability to remove mold, grime, surface
 dirt and corrosion gently without damage, while restoring
and protecting the character of artifacts.

All applications can be accomplished without causing any damage to the landscape or vegetation, as well as the
surrounding surfaces.

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  • Brick/Block/Stone or Stucco buildings
  • Wood siding/fences
  • Wrought iron fencing
  • Decorative metals, brass, bronze and tin
  • Monuments
  • Statues
  • Grave or head stones
  • Artifacts and historic pieces