Graco Inc.

Trabon MJ Divider Valves  Automatic Machine Lubrication

Compact and customizeable divider block series for machine tool, product or press equipment

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The Trabon MJ series features a compact and easily customizable design that can be tailor fit to
meet a variety of specific lube requirements. Capable of handling grease grades up to NLGI #1.

  • Space efficient–from 6 to 16 points from one block assembly
  • Built-in outlet check valves ensure accurate lube delivery, every time
  • Alternate outlet on face of valves can be fitted with optional performance indicators, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting
  • Can be easily accessorized with magnetic and electronic proximity switch cycle indicators to provide positive assurance of a successful lube event

MJ Series
Plated or Stainless Steel
Plated or Stainless Steel
Pressure (max)
2,000 psi
138 bar
Oil or grease up to NLGI
Oil or grease up to NLGI
Max Operating Temperature
Max Cycle Rate With Cycle Pin
60 CPM
60 CPM
Net Weight (approx.)
3 section divider valve
1 lb 15 oz
0.88 kg
4 section divider valve
2 lb 5 oz
1.04 kg
5 section divider valve
2 lb 11 oz
1.21 kg
6 section divider valve
3 lb 1 oz
1.38 kg
7 section divider valve
3 lb 7 oz
1.55 kg
8 section divider valve
3 lb 13 oz
1.72 kg
Torque Ratings
Tie Rod Nut
12 ft lb
12 ft lb
Enclosure Plug
11-13 ft lb
11-13 ft lb
Outlet Port Plugs
6-7 ft lb
6-7 ft lb