Graco Inc.

Keverőfejek poliuretán feldolgozáshoz 

Mixing heads for Closed Mold Injection or Open Mold Pouring

Graco and Gusmer-Decker mixing heads are available in many styles for spray applications, in addition to processing filled and unfilled polyurethane systems utilized in open/closed molding or cavity filling. A complete line is available, offering you the advantage of customizing the high or low-pressure mixing head most suitable for your unique application.

Graco supplies the Gusmer-Decker and Admiral mixing heads for both open mold and closed mold injections. Many sizes are available to meet the flow rates needed for your application. The high pressure impingement mixing technology allows for the each material to individually recirculate through the mixhead, with independent injector controlled pressure settings, only meeting at the exact time of mixing and injection into the mold or cavity. The mixheads are proven in the various PUR foams used today including rigid, flexible, self-skinning and polyurea. Industries served include appliance, automotive, gasketing and specialty applications.

The Graco mixhead line includes “S” heads (typically for closed mold), “L” heads (typically for open molds) and many spray foam heads to choose from.