Graco Inc.

Introducing the New Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment

EcoQuip Training in Guangzhou, China, Oct 2014

A 3-day launch training of the new EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment was held in Guangzhou, China this October.  Anthony Gargano-AFTD Asia Pacific Director, Eric Rennerfeldt-Global PCE Protective Marketing Manager, and Aimar Zhang- HPC&F Asia Pacific Product Marketing Manager introduced the new vapor abrasive blast equipment to China market. 40 distributor partners and end users had a chance in a shipyard in suburb Guangzhou to try the device by themselves.

EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive technology differs significantly from dry, slurry and traditional water-based blast methods. Unlike conventional wet blasting, the mist expelled by EcoQuip quickly evaporates. No pools of water left behind. No toxic runoff to worry about. And because EcoQuip uses significantly less media than wet blasting, clean-up is minimal.

“The dust is very well-contained, it is more ‘eco-friendly’ compare with wet abrasive units we have used in the past.” by client form Guangxi Chengxi Shipyard.

 “We got lots of complaints about the dust. If we could use EcoQuip to blast the interior of building, the air quality during blasting will be much better.” by distributor Mr Wu.

EcoQuip offers a cleaner result, better-contained process that current North America customers appreciate a lot and Graco believe that future Asia customers will prefer as well.