Graco Inc.

ToughTek P40 Rotor Stator Pump  Portable rotor stator pump for mortar and cementitious materials

Built for high-volume applications

Pumping self-leveling underlayment with ToughTek

High-output mortar pump delivers mortars exactly where you need it

This versatile, powerful rotor stator pump allows you to bid more aggressively while still maintaining your bottom line. With 600 psi (41 bar) of pumping pressure, the ToughTek P40 Mortar Pump easily moves material 400 feet (122 m).

Going up? No problem. Use the P40 as a staging pump on the ground, and pump the mixed mortar up to where it’s needed – even if it’s 10 stories up.

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Materials / Applications

  • Fireproofing materials including:
    • Gypsum-based sprayed fire resistive materials (SFRMs)
    • Cementitious SFRMs
  • Self-leveling underlayment
  • Mortars
  • Epoxy-based mortars
  • Waterproofing
  • Epoxy cladding
  • Non-slip coatings
  • Concrete repair mortars