Graco Inc.

Maritime Equipment 


Cleaning and Surface Preparation

The Graco high performance cleaning and surface preparation range is effortlessly suiting the marine industry, being environmentally friendly and safe to use for the surroundings and personnel. 

Fluid Transfer

When it comes to fluid handling, ship owners and operators face specific challenges that need to be addressed by durable products designed and built to withstand factors such as corrosion, seawater seepage, submersible operation, high flow speeds and aggressive fluids. The Graco fluid handling solutions are built with durability in mind and designed to serve numerous applications in the marine industry.


A presentable vessel is crucial in a viciously competitive industry. Vessels with great appearance are usually preferred by charterers and inspectors. Graco has a wide range of spray equipment that can be used for small touch ups or big maintenance jobs.


Within the rough environment decent and efficient lubrication is top priority. In this busy market most ships don’t get much maintenance time and most of the work will be done during the journey, with machinery operating. The Graco lubrication range offers you durable solutions for every situation, from manual to automated lubrication.