Graco Inc.

Molasses and vegetable oil transfer

Husky 2150


“Bogdanovichsky Kombikormoviy Zavod” (BKZ) transfers molasses and oil from a tank truck/railway to a storage tank with an installation of local gear pumps. The fluid working temperate ranges from 0 to 35°C, with a viscosity of 5000 to 1000 cP. The specific gravity for this application is 0.8 – 1.1 kg/l, with particles up to 5 mm and a flow up to 200-250 l/min. The pipe length is 6 m before the pump and 18 m after the pump, with a 3 inch hose diameter. Issues such as leakage, high maintenance and energy costs and difficulties with abrasive fluids were encountered. BKZ were looking for a better solution.


The local Graco distributor, Smartec, proposed a trial with the installation of a Graco Husky 2150, a 2- inch positive displacement double diaphragm pump. This pump works at approximately 50-60 cycles/min, 5 bars air and is gravity fed.


After the test, BKZ concluded that the pump performed very well with both oil & molasses.

A number of issues were solved:

  • Leakage caused by wear of mechanical seals in gear pumps
  • Better performance with abrasive fluid
  • High energy costs were reduced
  • The workshop and equipment stayed clean
  • Reduced service time to replace mechanical seals.

With all these improvements, it didn’t take BKZ long to decide to replace all gear pumps in the sector.