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Every Graco paint sprayer yields unmatched results in productivity and quality of finish.

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Graco has an impressive line of paint sprayers for all applications and user needs. Whether you are a professional painting contractor, handyman, homeowner, do-it-yourselfer, or need it for industrial fine finishing, you will find the most dependable, durable, accurate, and time saving paint sprayers in the industry.

Choosing the right paint sprayer can be daunting. It’s not one-size fits all. Many factors go into determining the right paint sprayer for the job. Knowing exactly what you’re spraying and your job requirements will make choosing the right paint sprayer much easier. The following questions will help you make the right choice, and provide you with the dependability and performance you can expect from a Graco paint sprayer.

Choosing the Right Paint Sprayer

1. What materials will you be spraying?

The type of material being sprayed will determine the spray tip size needed. Paint Sprayers are rated up to certain tip sizes, so if you plan on spraying a variety of material you will have to buy a sprayer with more versatility. Check out the minimum tip size requirement on the material needing to be sprayed, and compare that with the maximum tip size of the paint sprayer you’re looking to purchase. Graco’s paint sprayers all support up to a maximum tip size, and typically the larger, contractor grade units are more capable of spraying thicker material requiring a larger tip size.

2. How many gallons per week will you spray?

Not all paint sprayers are designed for contractors who are spraying full-time. Graco offers entry-level sprayers designed for homeowners with small projects, up to professional grade sprayers designed to meet the needs of full time painting contractors. Magnum, our entry-level paint sprayers are designed for homeowners up to part-time contractors. Our Contractor Equipment line of sprayers are built for the individuals who intend to use their units to make their living with, and needing the versatility to spray a wide variety of material.

3. What types of surfaces will you be spraying?

Different surfaces require different material and finish quality. You have to consider the material and desired finish in order to choose the right sprayer and spray tip.

4. How much do you want to spend?

Buying a paint sprayer is an investment. You do not want to over-buy and pay for more than what you need, nor do you want to under-buy and be faced with frustration. Prices vary dramatically, and are dependent on the demands of the sprayer. A couple of important specifications to consider other than price when purchasing a paint sprayer is the maximum tip size, power source, material compatibility, and the amount of gallons of material sprayed per week.

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